All Tracks

Track 1: (Condition Assessment of Electrical Equipment)

Condition monitoring of solid, liquid, gas and composite Insulation in electrical equipment using time-domain and frequency-domain techniques, dielectric ageing mechanisms and their assessment, nanodielectrics, noise and vibro-acoustic analysis, on-line and real-time condition monitoring, thermography, climate and other environment related issues.

Track 2: (Condition Assessment of Intricate Electrical Systems)

Strategic planning and asset management, complex interconnected and interdependent systems of systems (SoS), Gas Insulated Systems (GIS), DC insulation systems, issues related to Smart Grid and Industry applications.

Track 3: (Condition Assessment of Bioengineering Systems)

Sensors & actuator development, methods of assessment of bioengineering and bioelectric systems, experimentations and analysis of bio-medical systems, applicability in biometrics and
biodielectrics and nano-biosystems.

Track 4: (Advanced Signal Processing Tools and Computational Algorithms in Condition Assessment)

Signal and image processing methods and algorithms, condition assessment as a classification and pattern recognition problem, applicability of soft computing tools, expert systems and data mining.